Friday, August 5, 2016


Last month (June), I was an artist in residence at the Rensing Center again. For 3 weeks there, I took
photo shoots pretty much everyday (some days as many as 4 shootings).

This pic was a test shot as I prep to shoot myself dying my hair in the garden (an awesome garden built by the awesome residency's director Ellen Kochansky).

From a photo shot in the garden. Kiwi vines above what I call Shelby's gazebo shade strong afternoon sun and shine soft, even light to the subject.

Morning Light in the Garden

Rhododendron on Alder Creek (the waterfall trail). I walked this trail everyday to bathe in the waterfall.

I could find beauty everywhere. Here's an image from shooting right outside my studio-- the pottery.

Feed the goats, my neighbors.

My shooting territory extended beyond the Rensing Center art residency's property line. Here's at Jon Fritz's property. Thank you, Jon.

Magical landscape at the pond in the garden

Another area of the magical garden, right by the Pottery studio

Last but certainly not least, the Solstice Full Moon.

My residency began on the new moon. So I get to be there to absorb the energy of this special moon in its entirety. It is such a powerful thing.

With my deepest gratitude,
Wanrudee Buranakorn

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