Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rooster Summit

The Rensing Center proves its worth as a conference venue! Here are some of our favorite entrepreneurs, the partnership of the RedRooster Coffee Roasters of Floyd, VA, who chose our multi-faceted location (nicely equipped with a digital projector, good scotch, and some comfortable beds) for their board retreat. Nearby Greenville supplied a world-class restaurant, as well as a few more modest offerings, to celebrate Becky's shiny new MIT (Master of Information Technology) from University of Georgia. We are immensely proud, and hope they will make this a regular event.
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Studio's ready!

The Paper (part of an old art installation) is waiting to begin a new era for the woodshop: a WOOD and PAPER shop!

But first there's a wedding here. The walls are white, except for the admonitions we inherited from the original occupants. The guests are arriving, many of them our oldest friends, from far and wide.

Shelby and Crystal will be the next generation to inspire this place, from close by and far away. We welcome the artists they bring from Portland, and hope they have fun.
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