Monday, September 6, 2010

Matt's helping build a straw house!

Our intrepid poet has signed on to help with this remarkable house in Clemson, which still needs its clay surface and a lot more work, but which has us all impressed. It's earth-tone (my favorite) but extremely green! This volunteer work gives the Rensing Center some outreach points, and Matthew some new skills to add to his already substantial arsenal. Bravo!
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Martha's Night-blooming Cereus

The sprawling, improbable, very forgiving plant fulfills itself every summer when the flowers explode in huge splashy dinner-plate-size blooms that collapse by morning. This one is at home in a pot Jamie threw in the early '80s, and has been a member of the family that long. The first twig came from Martha Dunigan, a marvelous artist and teacher whose green thumb left us this legacy and many a fine memory...we stayed with her for years at the annual PCI show in Winston Salem, NC.

This is my favorite kind of immortality. I hope the Rensing Center adopts such resilience!
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