Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Liz, Sam and Jason as Druids

The summer ended on a wonderful note, as Charleston's Sam Sfirri of the New Music Collective gifted us with a great team of musicians and thinkers. The Michael Pisaro tour was his effort, and we were proud to be one of three stops in SC for this talented experimental musician from LA.

The next morning's hike put us all in our place...right in the fairyland of Lycopodium (a gorgeous ancient plant that was around with the dinosaurs) that likes it near our waterfall. So do we! Liz Stehling, Sam, and Jason Brogan seem to be honoring a coffee cup. Seems fitting...
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Michael Pisaro and pals

This remarkable thinker and musician made us visual artists, including Evelyn, ponder the real connection between stretching our boundaries with our eyes, and stretching them with our ears. Even our tone-deaf Executive Director (moi) was transported when Sam Sfirri played the sound of our waterfall...He had recorded it on a previous visit as a resident of the Rensing Center.
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Mari gets Married

Mari Brown, our elegant institutional backbone, editorial queen and muse made some very well-phrased and well-attended promises last summer. Ted Rose is her brilliant and thoughtful consort. All three ReGenerations attended, and the Boulder celebration was all we could have hoped! A ceremonial chuppah was created by the arriving guests. Rain didn't dampen any spirits, and the rainbow seemed to have been an appropriate detail among the thousands that were so gracefully planned and executed. Mazel tov to the glowing couple.

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