Thursday, April 29, 2010

Handsome tenants...

...arrived last week in mom's pasture, just in time for FarmCamp. A fantastic demo by Chad of herding with his famous border collie really wowed our campers, mostly city kids. Very exciting stuff!

We're SO official!

Benjie arrived with this new sign, legible from outer space, which Susan Lau created from mom's 1937 signature. We installed it just in time for the Garden Party. We were all very pleased, even mom.
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The new green

Thanks to our Permaculture workshop in March, our Mother Oak is presiding over a new collection of friends, which have taken root nicely. Chestnut(with a pedigree), and a lovely pair of Nanking cherries, with some rhubarb at their feet and a mulberry in the background. Dot Jackson warned us that the chestnut is a favorite lollipop for deer, so Jamie caged our two. Cross all body parts.

The sheep have been slightly delayed, but should still arrive in time for camp.

All the trees have their glad rags on.

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Marco's Italian Cooking Class

Posted by PicasaThe olive oil and wine flowed, and the eggplant, risotto, chicken cacciatore, and panna cotta were divine! Lorenzo translated. Marco worked his magic. Many new friends for the Rensing Center.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Here is Ellen, basking in the spring glow on Benjie's bench, with an armfull of bamboo. She is getting the materials together for next week's ArtFarm Camp. We're having a bunch of people here for a Garden Party, to celebrate mom's 90th birthday, and support the Rensing Center. Jamie's donating his mom's collection, 35 years worth of his pots, for our auction...Don't you think the bamboo looks like the handles for our butterfly-shaped auction paddles?
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