Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ensemble Pamplemousse

...enjoying a few moments of relaxation after a brilliant workshop and concert. Jessie fell in love with Hemmie the Mastiff at Hagood Mill, and Kiku did her best imitation of Martha Washington. We hope they had fun.
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Three exhausted residents, re-hydrating after our first weekly Monday Morning group Workfest. Turns out that when you get a chain-gang together they can get a HUGE amount done in four hours. Especially if they're good! Elizabeth, Valentina, and Matthew helped gather the tools, hardware, and major painting equipment from the outside closet, emptied 30 years worth of files from my old office, painted said office, moved all the shelves in there, and stocked them. There's a threatening poster about putting things back where you found them, and soon we will know where that is!

Next we retrieve all the re-usable file folders and paper clips from the boxes, and make mulch out of the contents. Feels GREAT!
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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Porch grew today

As we prepare for Ensemble Pamplemousse to visit us for a week, and breathe the nearly liquid air of South Carolina's summer, we thought we'd make their arrival at the Studio somewhat more complicated by giving them a still-wet slab of concrete to dance across. Who wants to make bets on what kind of footprints are in the surface by tomorrow?

Really, they'll have another access, and we're very excited to see them. Matthew and Elizabeth are unflagging in their cleaning and earth-moving and painting and curtain-hanging, and Valentina has escaped all the above by cleverly leaving for a stay at Penland, where she is working just as hard.

Next stop, a roof over the new slab, and a front door!
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Friday, August 13, 2010


Blueberries behind Jamie's studio are weighing down the branches. They freeze nicely, but many never make it to the kitchen. Cobblers, with lots of ginger (one of the other major food groups) are nearly a daily treat. Kiwi harvest is looking great for October, too.
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pamplemousse are coming!!

Elizabeth's first contribution to our growing graphic history. I'm delighted. We are eager to welcome this tribe of New Yorkers next week. They look like fun!
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Recreational program instituted!

Two fierce warriors, well matched. Jamie's old table is seeing lots of new use, and my skills are taxed tracking who is winning. I'm more likely to be learning Italian with our native speaker, Valentina. Evenings are a pleasure at the Rensing Center!
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