Thursday, May 28, 2009

Camper Brag

Kudos to Rensing Center contributors Adrienne Antonson and Nathan Durfee for their work on this weekend's portrait slam at Eye Level Art in Charleston.   Be sure to scroll down and watch Nathan as he prepares for this weekend's event!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Progress report

So, here we are with lots of new developments, first and foremost a brand new, insulated front door! And PAINT, thanks to Hunter. And GUTTERS, and a BATHROOM, dark but lovely, and all painted. And a new kitchen floor. Jamie's been consumed with his usual productivity. He's off buying the new bathroom door.

Are we civilized yet? Working on it!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

heat and hot water from the sun!!

These great guys from TableRock Technologies have been stomping around our roof for the last few days, making great progress and new friends.

And we'll get to take this off our taxes! Will wonders never cease?

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(_______________________)<--Fill in this Blank

Howdy Campers,

Friday is the deadline for choosing a name for the project formerly known as reGeneration. We are proceeding with the 501(c)3 application and can't move forward without it. New suggestions include: Bike Powered Rocket (Or some version of it, inspired by our Jonathan Chang? mural on the studio wall) EKO Creek, and Ripple Effect. (Ripple Creek or Bike Effect anyone?)
Here are the guidelines:
Our advisor urges simple. Best to have something that leaves us some room to grow our activities. The main activities right now include camp and residencies, and some public events. That will expand, maybe to a few agricultural objectives, maybe chickens and sheep, certainly compost and spinach. The company name could embrace all the activities, or they could each have subtitles.

We must check against SC's existing corporation lists, as well as google. So whatever name you champion, check it out on google first. ReVerb had some fans, but it belongs to Dave Matthews. ReGeneration belongs to Dell, and both of them are environmental-issue non-profits, so we'd be too close to their mission to dodge. Tried place names,and the Mile Creek name comes up with a million things and is kinda bland.

Here's an overview of what we have so far (cut and pasted from previous emails), please weigh in this week with your favorites!


"ReWork, reThink, reWorking, Ripple Effect . . . reConcieve..." (Ellen & Molly M)


"how about ReCreate? has anyone suggested that yet??? kind of a double meaning on that one: recreate being a verb, and create being a different verb. (nerding out)" (Molly H)


"I like ReNew! Remind me why we can't stick with ReGeneration? Could we do ReGenerations (pl)?<----ReGeneration conflicts with a dell program
I really like Rock Paper Scissors
I like Art Camp.
I like ReVamp, but it may be too Shirley Bassey.
I like Ripple Effect.
As you know, I like Terrible Ears.
Other thoughts:
Trash Beautiful / The Beautiful Trash Group (I think a subtitle for our group is "trash is failure of the imagination" --ellen kochansky)
Remember & Dismember
ReVerse" (Mari)


"I admit that I like reThink. reGeneration was so good, it's hard to fill it's shoes...

what about ReFill? is that silly? i think perhaps it is..

reVitalize. ReVamp Camp!

Camp ReVamp! Camp ReCamp camp...

Cultural Compost Camp. (like the CCC, Civilian Conservation Corps of FDR's New Deal?)

ReNew? hmmm, that has potential? old things made new, old ways brought into light again, renewed, given modern relevance and necessity.....

i'm probably not helping." (Koci)


Thursday, May 7, 2009

ReConvening the tribe

The core group from July 2008 was here again for this year's artcamp. We could not be prouder of these hardworking and funloving talents from many corners of the country. What a tribe! And Sam is finally resting after a very busy and productive week
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