Friday, July 30, 2010

The new library in mid-sort

Boo (last year's resident), James (this summer's intern), and Amalia (full-time daughter and doctoral candidate, whose book collection been hidden in the storehouse for many moons) hauled countless heavy boxes up and down countless steps, and a real library emerged. This fitting tribute to Evelyn's passion for books (clearly a part of the genome worth researching) became a new focus and a commitment for the Rensing Center. Send us your favorites! Come help us catalog! Curl up and enjoy the newly-accessible wealth of information. We'll brew you some tea!

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ArtFarm Camp this spring

We loved the lively activities at Camp this spring, and are busy planning the next ones. Tony's amazing bike was a big hit, as were Shelby's salt-lick moulds and Nathan's marching band. Every day was very full, but there were not enough of them! According to popular demand, we must perpetuate: Judy's story circle, some Roast Beast, and lots of music, perhaps as played on the alarming (plastic) baby-leg flute. Stay tuned.
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crystal Shenck builds a nest

We were treated to a visit by this brilliant artist from Portland, Oregon, who took our theme of "use available materials" very seriously. She collected fallen fragments of pine-bark, and turned them into this beautiful nest. Elegant idea, elegant execution...
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Mari Brown and Ted Rose are married!!

Our illustrious board member wrote and spoke her most important words last week, and thunder rolled! While the chuppah (canopy) we assembled for them out of good wishes, feathers, and theatre tickets got wet, spirits in Boulder were very joyful. What is Buddhist for Mazel Tov?
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