Friday, September 26, 2014

take a breath

The three week I have been Rensing Center has made some difference in my attitude towards life. I remember, one morning in the first week, driving on the way to recycling station, I told Ellen that I am trying to push myself to start painting as soon as possible. However, she told me she wanted me to slow down, to see and to walk around. And she suggested me to throw out my previous idea and concept, and hoped I could get something new from Rensing. I was amazed by her idea. And then I was thinking that maybe it is time to be quiet and relax, and not intend to plan something. That is a totally different experience to my previous life which is always intense and competitive. I went forward unceasingly, but forgot to breathe. This time, I would like to taste, smell and touch what was ignored but probably is precious to myself…On that way, Ellen introduced the plants beside the road, recycle system in Pickens, and geographical features here…etc, and promised to explore the forest of Rensing with me, which I had been so expected since I knew Rensing. 

So this week, I went to the forest with Ellen and Katherine. Such a beautiful trip! We got sculptural mushrooms, and really tasted them at dinner that night.

- Xiaoren Liu