Thursday, November 13, 2014

New Resident, New Work

This is my introductory blog post for the Rensing Center and I'm delighted to share my studio practice and some of my current work in progress. I arrived about a week and a half ago and so far, it's been a whirlwind. Amidst the overlapping arrival and departure of residents, acclimating to the area, getting settled in studio and celebrating a birthday, it's been an eventful ten days, to say the least.

This is my studio space, just after I moved in and just before the fruitful production these past few days.

And here it is in its current state of production. I have a deadline to finish quite a few drawings for a gallery in Kansas City, so it was nice to have a direction upon arrival so that I could jump into creating. I'm currently residency hopping, so I came straight from a residency in Nebraska where I had started working on these in their current state, but I have been able to really develop them here. I'm excited about the direction of this work and can't wait to see how it grows at The Rensing Center.

You can read more about my work and residency lifestyle on my personal blog at, and see all of my work on my website at

-Skye Livingston

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